PHP script removing bidding products from CENEO

Simple php-cli script to remove bidding products from CENEO, using CENEO API. Script prepared for a Magento shop. Ceneo.xml is a products map that looks like this:

Here’s the script:


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Linux – how many RAM memory modules are installed?

Under Linux, how to check how many RAM modules are installed and what is maximum capacity? As a superuser run:

The output should look like this (for every module, available or not):


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How to completely disable google maps zooming

That’s how.

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Deploy Symfony3 na

Na razie w trakcie researchu. Lektura: x x x x x x

Read Me Kodowanie znaków MySql w Symfony3

Do poprawnego ustawienia połączenia do bazy MySQL na tym serwerze trzeba zrobić dwie rzeczy: W pliku app/config/config.yml


Po wszystkim trzeba jeszcze wyczyścić cache.

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Moving files to subdirectory within GIT

Given a GIT repository, how to move files to a new subdirectory? It’s a situation when you have your project inside /project and you want to move all the files to /project/subdir Simply dragging the files to a new subdir will not work because GIT will add the same files twice. All you have to do is:

Please note that mv * will NOT move […]

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