How to download a site with wget and simultaneous connections

Apart from some other downloader tools like aria2c, wget is still pretty functional. Having to download the whole directory you may want to run:

or with mirror option:

But every file will be waiting for its turn. Actually the whole process will be hopelessly slow. I recommend to invoke wget like this:

Here’re the options explained: -r –recursive Turn on recursive retrieving. […]

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Symfony3 – redirect to the previous location

I encountered the following problem: Given an action deleteAction in a controller I have to redirect to the previous location. Normally this information would be stored in the request headers as the referrer address. It’s tempting to write this:

but you’ll have to repeat yourself everytime you do a redirect. That’s why I decided to move this code to a service:

The requestStack gets injected by Symfony via […]

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Sharp sign in LaTex

# sign is reserved in LaTex so you have to always escape it: \# There’re acouple of methods to get C# symbol: Regular text: C\# Math environment: $ C\# $ My personal favourite: C\texttt{\#}   Here’s the result for all the versions:

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