Overriding nautilus as the default file manager

In Ubuntu nautilus is the default file manager even if you use TDE, KDE or any other desktop environment. From kcontrol:   Even if konqueror is at the top of the list, some applications will still open files and directories through nautilus. This is exceptionally annoying so I’m going to present a quick and effective method how to change that once and for all.  


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Sublime remote editing

One of the cool features of Sublime is its ability to work remotely on a project. Let’s assume we have our local project directory:

And a remote one:

Let’s open it with ‚File-Open Folder’ -> /project/abc. Next, we’ll need a commercial plugin ‚SFTP’. To install it:

type in „install package” And select „SFTP”. After installing additional sidebar menu should be available: The first […]

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SSH pubkey autologin

Instead of logging-in with:

edit or create file:

with the following contents:

From now on it’s possible to omit the -i switch.  

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Dependency injection container

Recently, for a project I’ve been working on, I had to choose a container bundle that will do the dirty job. The solution is not using any ‚framework’ , so to keep things simple, one of the obvious choice was Pimple: http://pimple.sensiolabs.org/ Although developed in sensiolabs (the same guys behind Symfony) I had a feeling it’s not really what I need… I started researching and trying it on […]

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