How to backup an entire partition

The most straight forward way to make a raw image of your partitions is to use dd to dump the entire partition to a single file (remember the OS access the partitions /dev/sda1 through a file interface). Make sure you are on a larger partition or on a secondary drive and perform the following command dd if=/dev/hda1 of=./part1.image to backup(repeat for different partitions) dd if=./part1.image of=/dev/hda1 to restore You […]

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How to monitor disk activity

How to monitor disk activity under Linux?

if you don’t have it yet:

  Or use

  from sysstat package/

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Run programs in background in Windows

An equivalent to Linux command:

In Windows:


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Monitoring disk IO

A great tool for monitoring disk read/writes: iotop

Output shows the exact process using the disk.

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Ubuntu install latest PHP7 version

Ubuntu has many outdated packages. That’s why people heavily use ‚external’ repositories. Latest version of PHP at the time of writing is 7.0 even though 7.1.2 has been released over a month ago. 7.1 has a couple of interesting features: To install this versin you will have to perform 4 steps: 1. Add repository The ppa:ondrej repo is recommended:

2. Install new PHP


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Login with ssh key

How to login to a remote host without knowing the password, but with private key? Having a private key located at the current directory:


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Detect fans in Skylake Z170 platform

By default, fans are not detected in most Z170 configurations. The solution is rather simple.

And then re-run sensors-detect. Many new nct6775 related sensors (fans, temperatures and voltages should be now available:   To make this module load after reboot, run:


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Linux – how many RAM memory modules are installed?

Under Linux, how to check how many RAM modules are installed and what is maximum capacity? As a superuser run:

The output should look like this (for every module, available or not):


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Moving files to subdirectory within GIT

Given a GIT repository, how to move files to a new subdirectory? It’s a situation when you have your project inside /project and you want to move all the files to /project/subdir Simply dragging the files to a new subdir will not work because GIT will add the same files twice. All you have to do is:

Please note that mv * will NOT move […]

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HOW TO install Xdebug, php7, vagrant and Sublime3

I hate to install and configure it but overall it’s a great tool and a necessary one if you want to take debugging to the next level. To stop var_dump-debugging you are going to need: A machine with IDE or PHP editor installed A server featuring Apache and PHP Xdebug package My configuration script Test it all Let’s do it step by step. 1. Preparing PHP editor […]

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How to install latest Vagrant

How to install latest version of Vagrant First, add the repository to ubuntu apt sources:

Then it’s possible to install or update to the latest available version by:

I highly recommend this method rather than manually downloading and dpkg-ing every time a new version comes out.  

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Obsługa YAML w Trinity Desktop (TDE)

Z jakiegoś powodu TDE nie pozwala w łatwy sposób przypisać domyślnego programu do obsługi plików YAML. Można to jednak skonfigurować ręcznie w następujący sposób: Centrum sterowania Skojarzenia plików Kliknij Dodaj: Wprowadź nazwę typu, np. „x-yaml”, „yaml” itp. W prawym panelu ustaw wzorzec dla pliku, tj. „*.yaml” oraz „*.yml” Następnie wybierz program do jego obsługi, w tym przypadku jest to Sublime Po zastosowaniu zmian, pliki z […]

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