Ubuntu – Remove packages from /var/cache

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Restart ubuntu sound system


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Ubuntu failes to sync time

In case local time is not being synchronized with a NTP server and:

returns something like:

The ‚conditionFile is executable’ line means there’s a unfulfilled dependency and /usr/sbin/VboxService file is blocking timesync. We can check what package the file belongs to by running:

As you can see, this file is needed so I will just remove the executable flag and try to restart […]

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How to turn off annoying Firefox sounds in Ubuntu

Find out what sound is being played. In my case it was:

  playing when trying to send form data again via POST: You can either delete this file or rename it making it unavailable for Firefox, like this:


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Serious flaw in GIT

According to https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1480386 there’s a serious vulnerability in recent versions of GIT and it’s recommended to update it at least to version. Versions affected: : v2.7.6, v2.8.6, v2.9.5, v2.10.4, v2.11.3, v2.12.4 and v2.13.5. Version recommended for installing: v2.14.1 Unfortunately, Ubuntu 16.04 is far behind and offers only GIT 2.7.4… To update, you should use the official PPA:


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Overriding nautilus as the default file manager

In Ubuntu nautilus is the default file manager even if you use TDE, KDE or any other desktop environment. From kcontrol:   Even if konqueror is at the top of the list, some applications will still open files and directories through nautilus. This is exceptionally annoying so I’m going to present a quick and effective method how to change that once and for all.  


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Ubuntu install latest PHP7 version

Ubuntu has many outdated packages. That’s why people heavily use ‚external’ repositories. Latest version of PHP at the time of writing is 7.0 even though 7.1.2 has been released over a month ago. 7.1 has a couple of interesting features: http://php.net/manual/en/migration71.new-features.php To install this versin you will have to perform 4 steps: 1. Add repository The ppa:ondrej repo is recommended:

2. Install new PHP


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Detect fans in Skylake Z170 platform

By default, fans are not detected in most Z170 configurations. The solution is rather simple.

And then re-run sensors-detect. Many new nct6775 related sensors (fans, temperatures and voltages should be now available:   To make this module load after reboot, run:


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How to install latest Vagrant

How to install latest version of Vagrant First, add the repository to ubuntu apt sources:

Then it’s possible to install or update to the latest available version by:

I highly recommend this method rather than manually downloading and dpkg-ing every time a new version comes out.  

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